Meisen pochette : red flower and blocks

Meisen pochette : red flower and blocks

These are 3 types of pochette made by combining bold patterns peculiar to Meisen. They go well with Western clothes and kimono.

Meisen pochette : red flower and blocks


The main body has a three-layer structure with an inner pocket for cards and small items. The pochette is thin without a gusset like a sacoche style, but you can put things in it unexpectedly. The maximum thickness becomes about 7 cm. Comes with a detachable silk “sanbuhimo obijime” shoulder strap, which is limited to this series. You can remove the strap and use the pochette as a pouch.

What is Meisen?

Meisen, the so-called antique kimono, is a plain weave silk fabric that was extremely popular from the Taisho era to the early Showa era as fashionable everyday wear. Its unique colors and bold patterns still fascinate many people today. The characteristic of weaving is the technique called kasuri, in which the boundaries are blurred by intentionally shifting the colors of the warp and weft threads.


Silk, cotton interlining, metal parts


Red, wine red, orange, bright yellow, pale green, gray


outer width 23 cm (inner width 22 cm) x height 16 cm, no gusset, strap (including parts) length 124 cm x width 0.9 cm

Weight (including strap) : 98g

Please read the following before purchase

  • The color of the product you received and the photo may differ slightly depending on the viewing environment.
  • Because the remake fabric is used, the pattern may slightly differ from the one in the photo. In addition, there may be small damage that does not cause any problems in use. Please purchase only those who understand “antique / old cloth”.
  • It’s not washable but if it gets wet, please be careful about color transfer.
  • Once purchased, no product may be returned and exchanged because of the purchaser’s personal preferences.
  • If the product needs repair, please contact us.
Meisen pochette : red flower and blocks

Meisen pochette : red flower and blocks

Price 3,800 JPY

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