Hello, I’m Maikichi, a webmaster.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Kimono is a part of my life and cheer-me-up clothing for me.

I started this blog because I wanted to introduce Japanese culture and kimono inside and outside.

I would be happy if my own knowledge and experience could be useful for your kimono life.


Occupation: Online kimono instructor, Kimono dresser for people in a wheelchair, Japanese culture experience instructor (kimono, tea ceremony, origami), national tour guide

Qualifications: Licensed Kimono Instructor and Dresser, National Government licensed Guide interpreter, Certified Domestic Travel Services Manager, Elementary School Teaching License, Licensed Origami Instructor

Work experience: Fancy accessory design, graphic design, web design, Instructor of Kimono School

Media cooperation: 2016 Monthly “Driver” November issue “Bunmu Ryodou Kuruma de Activity” Kimono and Tea Ceremony Experience

Favorite animal: Ferrets


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