How to put on tabi

How to put on tabi

What is tabi?

Tabi is a pair of traditional Japanese socks mainly made of cotton.

Tabi socks have split toes because it is easy to put on and take off geta wooden clogs and zori Japanese sandals.

Probably you know that in Japan, it is customary to take off your shoes when you enter a house.

Now let’s talk more about tabi.

What is tabi?

Tabi is a pair of traditional Japanese split toe socks, which have four or five kohaze hooks and ukeito eyes on their side openings. Those hooks are small metal pieces and eyes are long stitches. Tabi are worn by fastening with them.

Tabi with four hooks are good for seiza or a traditional Japanese-style sitting because kou insteps are short and don’t squeeze the ankles.

Ones with five hooks are long. They hide your ankles, so your standing figure looks beautiful.

The color of white is the most basic, so you can wear them anytime, anywhere.

There are knit tabi socks.

fashionable "tabi" socks

"tabi" cover

You can wear them  for daily kimono, also wear them to cover your tabi when you don’t want to get dirty on your way somewhere. (photo right above)


How to put on tabi socks

Let’s put on tabi first because it is really hard to put them on after wearing all kimono items.

put on "tabi" 1

1. Fold in half inside out beforehand. Put your big toe into a small part and other toes into a big part.



put on "tabi" 2

2. Fold it back and cover your heel. By doing so, you can put it on naturally.



put on "tabi" 3

3. Close the side opening with kohaze hooks. Start with the bottom hook. Carefully do it one by one. Do the same thing for the other side.

Did you wear?

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