A set of kitsuke komono : diamond checkered meisen

A set of kitsuke komono : diamond checkered meisen

Obi-ita, obimakura, karihimo, and azuma bag are made of cute and pop Meisen. Antique red silk (momi) is used for the lining of obi-ita and obimakura. These items are required to wear otaiko musubi. Please keep them in this azuma bag.

A set of kitsuke komono : diamond checkered meisen


This obi-ita is short and small, so it’s perfect for everyday kimono. It doesn’t make you feel tight, but it does prevent wrinkles on the obi. This shape was used over 60 years ago. It’s the same size that my mother used in her 80s.

This obimakura comes with gauze! You can’t see the cute pattern if you use it, but it’s a must-have item.

This karihimo is shorter than the regular length himo and the center line is stitched to make it easier to find the center. So it ‘s easy to handle. Please use it to make otaiko musubi.

This bag is called azumabukuro in Japanese. It is convenient for storing small kitsuke items that tend to get lost. It is a very compact bag that is folded like origami. It can also be used as a sub bag.

What is Meisen?

Meisen, the so-called antique kimono, is a plain weave silk fabric that was extremely popular from the Taisho era to the early Showa era as fashionable everyday wear. Its unique colors and bold patterns still fascinate many people today. The characteristic of weaving is the technique called kasuri, in which the boundaries are blurred by intentionally shifting the colors of the warp and weft threads.

Momi is the lining used for kimono in the past.


Silk, urethane, cotton and poly interlining, cardboard


Black, red, silky white / light gray


Obi-ita: W 29 cm x D 12.5 cm
Obimakura: W 20 cm x D 9 cm x H 4 cm
Gauze: L 152 cm x W 11.6 cm
Azuma bag: W 45.5 cm x D 12 cm x H 16 cm + 22 cm (handle)
Karihimo: Length 176 cm, Width 3.5 cm

Obi-ita: 38g
Obimakura : 66g
Gauze : 17g
Azuma bag: 26g
Karohimo : 11g

Total weight : 158g

Please read the following before purchase

  • The color of the product you received and the photo may differ slightly depending on the viewing environment.
  • Because the remake fabric is used, the pattern may slightly differ from the one in the photo.
  • It’s not washable but if it gets wet, please be careful about color transfer.
  • Once purchased, no product may be returned and exchanged because of the purchaser’s personal preferences.
  • If the product needs repair, please contact us.
A set of kitsuke komono : diamond checkered meisen

A set of kitsuke komono : diamond checkered meisen

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