Kimono Presentation 1

Kimono Presentation 1
The presentation we announced ended successfully.
In the program of Japanese Friendship Garden, I gave the presentation from 4 pm on Friday, January 15th, California time.
We worked hard!
So we are going to give the second presentation in March!

Here is the first presentation.

Kimono : Historical and Cultural Art

Kimono, traditional Japanese clothing, is the beauty of Japan that includes beautiful nature, people’s lives, and Japanese history. To wear a kimono is to wear art. It is made with traditional Japanese craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation and although changing over time with its long history, kimono is still worn as ceremonial clothing for formal occasions and as fashionable clothing for casual occasions.

  • Types of modern kimono
  1. The shape of kimono
  2. Types of kimono and obi 
  3. Comparing the dress code of kimono and Western clothing
  • The reason why Japanese wear kimono
  1. The rites of passage of Japan
  2. The meaning of seijin-shiki ceremony
  • Demonstration
  1. Tasuki-gake: tying tasuki

    1. Hold the ends of himo.
    2. Tie a bow knot.
    3. Make an infinity.
    4. Put the rings on your shoulders one by one.
    5. Let the infinity go over your head.
    6. Pull the rings forward.
    7. If you have an X on the back, it’s perfect!!

2. Obi-musubi: tying a decorative obi knot for furisode

Here is a part of the first presentation.

We give you an edited presentation for you in our lesson.

If you want to do, please ask us!