How to tie ougibunko

How to tie ougibunko

The next step is how to tie ougibunko by yourself. It looks like a big bow with a folding fan.

Maybe it’s tough for beginners, so please watch the video below first.

Later, check the important points.

Let’s begin!

Here is the video.


Prepare fukuro obi and accessories.

the set of ougibunko


Set obi and the accessories as shown in the picture below.

preparation of obi


How to tie ougibunko

Wrap obi and tuck the plain part of te

Pinch obi and obi-ita

  1. Pinch obi and obi-ita with a clip and wrap obi once.


Wrap obi again

2. Wrap obi again and tighten it.

Whenever you tighten obi, pull it holding the bottom line of obi.


Tuck the plain part

3. Tuck the plain part of te.


Put it between the first and second turns

4. Put it between the first and second turns so that the plain part is not visible after tying.


View after putting in

5. View after putting in.


Fold the obi inward to make a fake knot

Fold it up from the front center

6. Fold it up along the doted line like turning it over.


The view after folding

7. The view after folding.


Stretch sanjuhimo firmly

8. Stretch sanjuhimo firmly.


temporarily tie sanjuhimo on obi at the back

9. Then, temporarily tie sanjuhimo on obi at the back.


position of sanjuhimo

10. Now 1 band of sanjuhimo is on tare and 2 and 3 bands are under tare.


How to fold a big bow

11. Fold the base of the knot into a triangle.


Fold it back

12. Fold it back.


Make a circle

13. Make a circle with the rest of tare.


Match the red stars

14. Match the red stars to make a bow.


Fold "tare" to be a bow

15. Fold tare as shown in the picture. It becomes a bow.


Fold the bow in half

16. Fold the bow in half in a valley fold. Use your hands like a ruler.


The view after folding

17. The view after folding.


Fold the forefront of the bow

18. Fold the forefront of tare in a mountain fold.


Fold the rest of "tare" in a mountain fold

19. Fold the rest of tare in a mountain fold to be a bow.


20. Put the bow on the upper line of obi.


Secure the bow with sanjuhimo

Secure the left bow

21. Secure the left bow with the 3 band.


secure the right bow

22. Take the 2 band and secure the right bow with it.


Secure the bow on the upper line

23. The view after securing.


Take "te" off

24. Take te off from your shoulder.


How to make a fan fold

Fold the "tesaki" into five equal pleats

25. Use the tri-fold’s creases. Fold the tesaki into five equal pleats. It is called gomai-ougi, a fan fold with five pleats.


The view of the pleats

26. The view of the pleats. Secure it with a elastic band.


Turn the fan fold inside

27. Turn the fan fold inside.


Pass "obijime" through "te"

28. Pass obijime through it.


The back side of the pleat

29. The back side of the pleat (blue star) faces you.


30. Temporarily tie sanjuhimo, obiage and obijime at the back. After turning the obi, tie them again firmly.

When turning the obi 180 degrees clockwise, put your belly inside and turn it a little by little.


Make a "bunko" bow

31. Make a bunko bow.


Turn "obi" 180 degrees clockwise

32. Turn obi 180 degrees clockwise.


Tie strings again

33. Tie strings again.



Also tie accessories again

34. Also tie obijime and obiage again.



22.  Remove clips and  finally finished.


I believe you’re so cool!