Attire traditional Japanese beauty and find a new you

furisode pattern

Kimono is evocative of Japan. It is made with traditional Japanese craftsmanship that have been passed down from generation to generation. kimono itself includes the beauty of nature, people’s lives, and even Japanese history.

Japanese people today enjoy kimono as fashionable outfits from formal wear to daily wear.

There are many kimono fans not only in Japan but also in the world.

Why don’t you experience kimono and add a special time to your life?

Learn kitsuke staying at home


We share you kimono knowledge and kitsuke tips. You can teach yourself to wear kimono on this blog.

Meisen scrap collection

meisen fabric

We love Meisen!

Meisen has so many designs and patterns. We find a lovely one; immediately get it! Now our closet is full of scraps! So we’ll show you a part of our collection. Please enjoy the unique taste of Meisen fabrics.

You can now order from minne overseas. No knowledge of Japanese is needed because we’ll handle everything, with answers for any questions you might have in your language. Please check out my shop.