Kimono Presentation 2

Kimono Presentation 2

The presentation we announced was conducted successfully! It was held on Friday March 5th starting at 4pm California Time. It was a program of Japanese Friendship Garden on zoom.

The content of the second presentation was …

Kimono : Historical and Cultural Art

Kimono, now and then

  • Transition of design: From the Edo period to the present
  • Changes in how to dress
  • Fashion icons of kimono

The reason why kimono has been passed down from generation to generation

  • The secret of Japanese dressmaking
  • Is kimono eco-friendly?


  • Tasuki: Tying tasuki
  1. Hold the ends of himo.
  2. Tie a knot./ Make an infinity.
  3. Put the rings on your shoulders one by one.
  4. Let the infinity go over your head.
  5. Pull the rings forward.
  6. If you have an X on the back, it’s perfect!!
  • Obi musubi: Rose – furisode meets a dress

Furisodedress is sometimes worn at wedding receptions. It’s also good for parties. It was devised from the desire to wear furisode more because furisode is rarely worn.

The rose musubi for furisode
Rose musubi for a dress

Here is a part of the second presentation.

We give you an edited presentation for you in our lesson.

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See you in our lesson!