How to sew kasane-eri on kimono

How to sew kasane-eri on kimono

When women wear formal kimono, they often wear a different collar called kasane-eri or date-eri to upgrade their neckline.

You look gorgeous when you wear furisode with the collar!

It is not so easy to put on furisode by yourself, so you need to be well prepared.

This time, I will introduce how to sew kasane-eri on Kimono.

Difference in appearance

The appearance changes depending on color you put on.

kasane-eri different impressions

It looks like you are wearing a lot of kimono with the two-color kasane-eri.

As effects of the collar,

  • Make your kimono look gorgeous and raise the rank of kimono.
  • You can change the impression even with the same kimono.
  • By adding it as a key color, it creates a sense of unity with other colors and gives a sophisticated impression.



Things necessary

  • Furisode
  • Kasane-eri (date-eri)
  • Sewing kit

furisode and kasane-eri


If you aren’t very good at sewing, please prepare pins.

3 Safety pins, hairpins or pins for kasane-eri



How to attach kasane-eri

Sew kasane-eri on kimono

align the centers and pin together

1. Place kimono inside out and fold hiro-eri or the wide collar into half. Align the center back of kimono with the center line of the kasane-eri. Two red stars are erikata-aki or the cross points of the shoulder line and the collar.


place kasane-eri

2. Place kasene-eri on the collar and make a 5 mm allowance.


pin kasane-eri

3. Pin kasane-eri and the collar together on the three points (center back and two stars).


stitch together

4. Stitch them.


Pin the “kasane-eri”

sew -on snap

There is a sew-on snap button on the center back, so avoid it when using pins.


How to pin kasene-eri

put the right pin

1. Hold both collars together. Put the right pin on the back of the kimono collar and the other two on the front. The red circle is the snap button position.


tilt the pin

2. Hold the center pin with the entire pin tilted.


take the pin to the back

3. Take the left pin to the back of kimono collar.


make the pin vertical

4. Make the pin vertical.


push it

5. Push it.


two pins

6. Two pins are on the back of kimono collar.



7. Pin on two erikata-aki in the same way. Snap the button and complete!



You can also use hairpins when you have nothing. Make sure that the pin tip does not affect the surface fabric as much as possible.

Pin the same place as the pins for kasane-eri.

how to attach kasane-eri with hairpins


Safety pins

attach kasane-eri with safety pins

You can pin on the front or back side.  Pin the same place as the pins for kasane-eri. Make sure that the outer fabric is not affected by the pins when wearing.
Please be careful when wearing kimono made of thin fabrics. If you recognize the pins are there, sew it!

If you aren’t very good at sewing, you can do this with a double sided tape for haneri.

double-sided tape for "haneri"

Please refer to the following.


Use a double-sided tape

attach kasane-eri with double sided tape

Tape from the red star to red star via the center back. If the kasane-eri is easy to get twisted, add a shorter one to the folded edge of hiro-eri.

Okay, ladies. Did it go well?

You can choose one depending on the situation.

When you put on a formal kimono by yourself, please be sure to attach  kasane-eri on your kimono in advance because putting on kimono with kasane-eri is a little bit tricky.


Kasane-eri, where did it come from?

The collar is an extra layer that appears to be wearing many kimonos.  It is said to be a remnant of the imperial coat ladies’ clothing called junihitoe.

hina doll

In 2019 Japan’s new era started. HEISEI emperor stepped down and handed his status to the crown prince.

The new emperor’s era name is REIWA which means “beautiful harmony”. So there was a ritual that a new emperor officially enthroned. The ritual was a big event that the empress and princesses of the imperial families wore junihitoe. They were so beautiful! I was excited so that I felt like Hina matsuri doll festival came early.