Parts of kimono and obi

Parts of kimono and obi

Each part of the kimono has a unique name. Kanji characters are difficult to read.

This time we translated them. It was hard work but fun!

Anyway, please look at the following images.

They are used very often when you take lessons called “kitsuke no okeiko“.

If you learn them before the lessons, you’ll be able to master kitsuke more quickly.

Names and images


parts of kimono front


parts of kimono back


Terms in kitsuke, wearing kimono

1. emon : space at the nape or the back neck

Emon is one of the attractive points of kimono.

2. eri-awase : an intersection of the collar / a cross point of the collar / v-shape of the collar / closing the collar

3. haneri : a piece of cloth attached the collar of undergarment called juban / a decorative collar

Haner is a detachable and decorative collar sewn on juban.

4. eri / kake-eri / kake-erisen : a collar / the top layer collar / short line(s) on the collar or the ends of kake-eri

5. eri-kata-aki : the cross points of the shoulder line and the collar

6. kata-sen : shoulder line(s)

7. uwamae : the left front part including a bodice and skirt part / one of maemigoro

Uwa means upper, so it is always outside.

8. shitamae : the right front part including bodice and skirt part / one of maemigoro

Shita means under, so it always comes inside.

9. mae-migoro : uwamae + shitamae / the front part(s) of kimono

10. ushiro-migoro : the back part of kimono

11. maechushin : front center

12. sechushin / senui : back center / back seam

13. miyatsuguchi : side hole(s) / side opening(s)

The side openings make it easier to put on kimono.

14. ohashori / ohashorisen : / tucked part around your belly, hips and lower back / the bottom line of ohashori

Ohashori is a fold around the hips that is created by tucking excess fabric to fit your body.

15. erisaki : collar end(s)

16. okumi / okumisen : extended panels / part(s) attached to maemigoro, the front part(s) of kimono / seam line(s) of extended panel(s)

17. wakisen : side seam line(s)

18. tsuma / tsumasaki : tip(s) of the hem / hem tip(s)/ corner(s) of the front skirt (part)

19. suso / susosen : the lower part of kimono / a hemline or the bottom edge of kimono

Suso-moyo means patterns on the lower part of kimono.

20. hakkake : lining of the skirt part / bottom lining

21. sode / sode-guchi : sleeve(s) / cuff(s)

22. tamoto : curved corner(s) of the sleeve(s) / round part(s) of the sleeve(s)

23. furi : opening(s) of sleeve(s)

24. obi-uwasen : the upper line of obi

25. obi-shitasen : the bottom line of obi

26. otaiko / otaiko-uwasen / otaiko-shitasen : the main part of obi that shaped to be one or two layers / the upper line of otaiko / the bottom line of otaiko

27. douobi : the part of obi that wrapped around your waist

28. te / te-saki : the half-folded part of obi / the end of the half-folded part of obi

29. tare / tare-saki / otaiko no tare : the wide part of obi / the end of the wide part of obi / the part of otaiko being left like a tail

30. tachiagari : an inside flap of otaiko


Good job, ladies!